My name is Erifili Davis and I am an educator and multimedia consultant based in Central West NSW. As well as teaching and training, I am an instructional designer and create multimedia content and films.

Below are some of my recent projects. I am particularly interested in developing web series and series and films for streaming services.

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30 Writing Challenge (book)   

The idea behind this book is to give everyone the opportunity to exercise creativity with  just the writing prompts in the book and something to write with.

Space (short film, 2018)

After its premiere at the 2018 Short & Sweet Film Festival in Utah, this no budget Aussie short film is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK.

Zit (short film, 2017)

Zit is a comedy with a teenage cast. To his horror, Alex wakes up with a massive zit on his chin. Can he avoid having his crush, Phoebe, seeing this monstrosity at school?

Connection is a short film shot in Dubbo, NSW

Connection short film

This short film is currently in post-production and was shot in Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

When a young man discovers the object of his affections shares his feelings, he doesn't expect things to turn out the way they do.

The film will be shown at the 2018 Dubbo One Eye Film Festival and will be available through an online streaming service (probably Amazon Video Direct because they make it available to the little guy).